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Looking into my mind

About JadeRowan

Born In Queens, NY.

I've always had a love for a gorgeous, bulky camera in my hands, capturing a little piece of time and beauty.

Growing up, family, books and movies were my best friends.

I was my seniors year's yearbook photographer.

In 2000, I attended Broward Community College and studied art classes, including photography.

In 2004, I attended The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and earned my Associates Degree in Photography in 2008.

During my studies at Broward Community College, I fell in love with Photoshop because it made it possible for me to take my photography and imagination to a higher level.

I started writing my first book, "Unrealistic" when I was seventeen.

I started writing my "Maybe This Was the Way It really happened" series in 2014. As I wrote these stories, I researched what every religion accounted for the biblical events and became more intrigued with the bible stories more than ever.

Painting is my meditation.